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amber diagnostics refurbished and used womens health machine
When it comes to Women’s Health, Amber Diagnostics has been a leader in used and refurbished equipment for over twenty years. Every step of the way, Amber will be there for you during the purchase of any Women’s Health system. Our experts can help you choose which one is best for your facility and your patients, and can walk you through installation and technical servicing as well.

Whether you’re in the market for a Bone Densitometer, Mammography machine, or Ultrasound machine, Amber can customize your chosen equipment to fit your price range and technical requirements. We also offer “Buy your System” and rental solutions for your benefit, so the entire operation can be tailored to your specific needs.
amber diagnostics refurbished and used bone densitometer womens health machine

Bone Densitometer

A Bone Densitometer uses X-Rays to measure bone loss, primarily to diagnose osteoporosis; and is often performed on the lower spine and hips. At Amber Diagnostics we’ve been refurbishing used Bone Densitometer’s for over twenty years.

From your first inquiry about Bone Densitometer X-Ray systems, to the last few steps such as installation and technical servicing, our brilliantly skilled experts here at Amber have the training to successfully guide you through each step of the way during your Bone Densitometer purchase. In addition, every Bone Densitometer system we offer can be custom reconditioned to meet your financial and technical needs.
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amber diagnostics refurbished and used mammography womens health machine


Mammography machines use low dose X-Rays to detect any problems with women’s breasts; typically used to detect cancer early. Amber Diagnostics is an expert in refurbishing used Mammography machines; and will walk you through the entire process of purchase.

From planning, to buying, shipping, installation, and any technical servicing, Amber has the resources and experience to get the job done with professionalism and honesty. Every Mammography machine we refurbish and sell here at Amber can be customized due to your personal price range and technical requirements, and you can be sure you’re in the right hands; we not only have over twenty years of experience, but hold our customers satisfaction in the highest regard.
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amber diagnostics refurbished and used ultrasound womens health machine


An Ultrasound is conducted for a variety of reasons; cancer detection, gynecology, cardiology, urology, and more. The Ultrasound machine uses sound waves to pick up reflected waves in order to produce and two dimensional images. At Amber Diagnostics, we have been reconditioning used Ultrasound machines for over twenty years.

We have the training necessary to walk you through the process of making the important investment of an Ultrasound machine for your facility and your patients. From first questions to installation and technical servicing, you can be sure you’re in the right hands. In addition, every Ultrasound machine from Amber Diagnostics can be custom refurbished according to your personal financial and mechanical needs.
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