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Check out our Women’s Heath main video below! Women’s Health covers Mammography, Bone Densitometry, and Ultrasounds here at Amber.

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Hey there, I’m glad to see that you might be considering one of Amber’s Women’s Healthcare machines. Amber has been providing quality pre-owned and refurbished Bone Densitometers, Mammography systems, and Ultrasounds around the world since 1993, so no one is more equipped to handle, process, and deliver these types of systems than Amber Diagnostics.


On this page you’ll notice all of the different types of Women’s Health care manufacturers and models we offer. This includes GE Medical, Siemens, Philips Medical, Hologic, and many more.


When making a purchase of this nature, a lot depends on the setting, patient volume, and your patients demographics. All of your questions can be answered by Amber’s qualified Women’s Health Care expert who will walk you through the process of acquiring the system that best fits your needs and applications.


Feel free to choose a system listed on this page, and Amber’s Women’s Health specialist will call to discuss your particular requirements in detail.


Thanks again for visiting our website, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!





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At Amber Diagnostics, our highly trained professionals have been refurbishing used imaging equipment since 1994. We can customize any system to your liking, according to your financial budget and technical requirements; and you can be sure that Amber is more than capable of handling every question you may have in your purchasing process. From buying, to planning, shipping, installation, and technical service, Amber has you covered.