Minxray Powerplus 120-60 mobile X-ray open

MinXRay PowerPlus 120/60 Mobile X-Ray

More power, low weight and outstanding features are included in one of MinXray’s most robust designs— the PowerPlus™. The unit is one of the most powerful mobile x-ray generators which provides for clean, full and accurate x-ray power.

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Minxray Powerplus 120-60 mobile X-ray open
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The MinXray’s HF120 light weight, portable design houses the most powerful medical imaging system available, giving your practice a complete, portable radiography solution for any scenario.


The Mobile MinRay PowerPLus 120/60 X-ray gives you the following benefits:

  • CPU control of x-ray tub
  • 5 memory stations for storing x-ray exposure technique
  • Compatible with all digital imaging modalities
  • Seamless integration with DR system is available


The Mobile MinRay PowerPLus 120/60 X-ray provides you with with the following Specification:

  • KVDC steps: 41 steps; 2 kVDC increments
  • mAs: 0.6 – 212 mAs
  • X-ray tube: Superior SXR-130-15 1.2
  • Focal Spot: 1.2mm
  • Collimator: Collimare CPL-125-MX01-C LED


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