Used & Refurbished Radiographic
Fluoroscopy Systems

amber diagnostics used and refurbished radiographic fluoroscopy systems
R/F Room stands for radiography/fluoroscopy. An R/F Room machine displays motion, using X-Rays to take “live” images of the body. It is primarily used for parts of the body such as the stomach, small intestine, and colon; for stent placement, and Orthopedic surgery.

For over twenty years, Amber Diagnostics has been reconditioning used R/F Rooms. We have the training and the knowledge to help you through each step of the process, from installation to mechanical service; and to customize your R/F Room to your financial and technical needs.


We offer a wide variety of used and refurbished radiology equipment, from MRI scanners, CT scanners, PET/CT machines,
C-Arms, X-Ray Machines, Women’s health equipment and various ancillary Items.

The Radiographic Fluoroscopy has different categories and options.

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Precision 500D

amber diagnostics used and refurbished ge precision 500d radiographic fluoroscopy systems
The Precision 500D offers a variety of user benefits, including image performance and dose management. The GoldSeal refurbished pre-owned Precision 500D offers the same advantages. With the Precision 500D, you’ll experience system reliability and connectivity that can add to your level of productivity.
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amber diagnostics used and refurbished ge advantix radiographic fluoroscopy systems
GE Advantx Legacy Digital R/F Room, 90/30 Four Way Table, Advantx SCPU G Generator, 12" Image Intensifier, DRS 3.2 Digital, Intelligent Spot Film Device, Gator Tracking.
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amber diagnostics used and refurbished ge legacy radiographic fluoroscopy systems
The GE Legacy R & F X-Ray has a Advantx High Frequency Generator, 4 Way Motorized Legacy Tilting Table with SID, Digital Spot Film Device and more.
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amber diagnostics used and refurbished ge prestige radiographic fluoroscopy systems
2001 GE Prestige II Remote controlled RF System Consisting of: Prestige II Remote controlled table with built in spot film device; 12 inch image intensifier with TV system; Tube replaced in 2001.
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Easy Diagnost

amber diagnostics used and refurbished philips easy diagnost radiographic fluoroscopy systems
The EasyDiagnost Eleva is a R/F system designed to perform a wide range of applications from gastro-intestinal, various iodine and vascular procedures to standard radiography.
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