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GE Advantx R/F Room

The GE Advantx is a digital R/F room with a four way table, 12″ image intensifier, DRS 3.2 digital Intelligent spot film device

GE Legacy R/F Room

GE Advantx Legacy Overview

GE Advantx Legacy Digital R/F Room, 90/30 Four Way Table, Advantx SCPU G Generator, 12″ Image Intensifier, DRS 3.2 Digital, Intelligent Spot Film Device, Gator Tracking.

  • Multi-pulse 60 kW Power Unit for Radiographic and R & F Applications.
  • Advantx Room Level Local Area Network Architecture.
  • Module Designed X-Ray System based on a Digital Communications.
  • Network for improved reliability and image quality(option).
  • Computer Controlled System Manager and Control Modules for R & F Applications.
  • Built in System Distribution Power Module and Circuit Breaker for Single Point.
  • Power Feed to Room Subsystems and “Brown Out”.
  • Advantx Plasma Display Control- Touch IN Turn Operator Interface.
  • Digital
  • 320cm Detector Size
  • Over Table Tube
  • Ceiling Mounted
  • 90/15 Tilt Capability
  • (2) Crt Monitors
  • Workstation