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GE Precision 500D R/F Room

GE Precision 500D is our versatile R/F Room that offers you the ability to choose digital radiography on your terms

GE Precision 500D Overview

The Precision 500D offers a variety of user benefits, including image performance and dose management. The GoldSeal refurbished pre-owned Precision 500D offers the same advantages. With the Precision 500D, you’ll experience system reliability and connectivity that can add to your level of productivity. The GoldSeal Precision 500D ergonomic design not only makes the system easy to use, it also streamlines electronic management of system components. Precision 500D R&F Systems are available in two different size image intensifiers: 12-inch (32 cm) QX-spec image intensifier and 16-inch (40 cm) QX-spec image intensifier. All Precision 500D systems are digital-ready and can be made fully digital from the start with an optional Flashpad*.

  • Cost-Effective: The system allows you an affordable transition to digital radiography, enabling you to ease into your digital solution when you’re ready.
  • Invest with Confidence: FlashPad* can be used with other compatible GE X-ray systems.
  • Enhances Workflow: Touchscreen monitor lets you quickly select the protocol, display images in real-time and transmit them automatically to PACS.
  • Better Room Utilization: By adding our DR Imaging Option, you get an R&F system and a digital radiography room all in one.
  • Speedy Upgrade: The DR Imaging Option can be added in as little as one day, with minimal downtime or interruption.

The operating console groups all system controls and indicators into one ergonomically designed interface and a module for x-ray control, enabling communication and electronic management of all system components. A touch-screen is used for display and selection of all parameters for exposure control and digital image filming. An 18” LCD display TV monitor is used for image review.

The operating console is the primary control room input device. On it are the controls and displays for x-ray generation and for the most commonly used digital review and filming parameters. The console consists of a 19-inch color touch-screen, a hand switch for making radiographic x-ray exposures, an interface module for x-ray control including on/off and reset switch, and a set of lights to indicate system status.

The DR Imaging Option provides a digital solution for existing Precision 500D R&F rooms.The solution consists of a wireless detector, acquisition workstation and system interface unit that can be easily integrated into your existing and new Precision 500D rooms. The FlashPad wireless detector can be shared between compatible GE x-ray systems.

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