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Refurbished & Used Urology Systems

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OEC Uroview 2800 Urology System

OEC Uroview 2800

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Liebel-Flarsheim Hydrajust DR Urology System

Liebel Flarsheim Hydrajust DR

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Why Amber Diagnostics Urology Suites?

Urology Suites are used to diagnose many different issues including kidney failure, urinary frequency, urinary retention, and can help catch Prostate cancer early on. It helps determine if a patient needs treatment for an infection or condition.

Here at Amber Diagnostics, our experts are not only here to help you choose which Urology Suite is best suited to your tastes, but to help you meet your financial and technical requirements as well. We will address any questions and concerns you may have, and will walk you through every step of the purchasing process; from planning all the way through to the installation and any technical service you may need.

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Featured Equipment

Revolutionizing healthcare with used cutting-edge medical imaging equipment.

GE Signa HDx 1.5T MRI Scanner

GE Signa HDX 1.5T

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GE LightSpeed PRO 16 Slice CT Scanner

GE LigthSpeed PRO

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