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Hitachi Aperto Open

hitachi aperto open

Overview The APERTO Lucent (0.4T) is the new, elegant open-sided mid-field MRI which gives high-field application clarity. By applying advanced Hitachi technologies APERTO Lucent enables accurate diagnosis using the highest image quality. With its single pillar design the APERTO Lucent uses open space ergonomics to offer extraordinary comfort to the patient while also making examinations … Read more

Hitachi AIRIS I Open

hitachi airis i open

Overview The AIRIS I, an entry in the diagnostic category of open MR systems, was designed by Hitachi Medical Systems America Inc. (Twinsburg, OH, USA) and Hitachi Medical Corp. (Tokyo) and is manufactured by the Tokyo branch. A 0.3 T field-strength magnet and phased array coils deliver high image quality without the need for a … Read more

Hitachi AIRIS Elite Open MRI

hitachi airis elite open mri

Overview AIRIS Elite combines the renowned reliability, cost-effectiveness and patient comfort of the AIRIS II with throughput and capabilities previously not seen at Open low-field. The proven performance of AIRIS Elite’s vertical field permanent magnet with higher-order active shim technology, Scalable DualQuad RF system, and broad sequence capabilities are all integrated through Hitachi’s unique approach … Read more

Hitachi Airis Vento

hitachi airis vento

Overview AIRIS Vento (0.3T) is a break-through in price performance whole-body MRI. It is the most advanced mid-field MRI, with all of the high-end features of Hitachi’s well-proven AIRIS series. The award-winning open magnet maximises patient friendliness and comfort. AIRIS Vento’s outstanding performance underlines Hitachi’s commitment to leading open MRI technology. With powerful gradients, the … Read more

Hitachi Oasis 1.2T Open MRI

hitachi oasis 1-2t open mri

Overview Oasis 1.2T MRI system sets a high standard for patient-centric care. A unique achievement in high-performance imaging, the Oasis truly open architecture features advanced magnet design, Zenith RF Technology and robust clinical capabilities to achieve high throughput diagnostic performance. The innovative gantry design and wide patient table continues to deliver a high level of … Read more

Hitachi AIRIS II Open

hitachi airis ii open

Overview AIRIS II firmly established Hitachi’s reputation as the Open MR leader, equipped with a workhorse low maintenance permanent magnet providing consistent image quality and broad capability. The innovative gantry design and wide patient table continues to deliver a high level of patient comfort. The AIRIS II has continued to maintain high resale value over … Read more

Hitachi MRP 7000

hitachi mrp 7000 mri

Overview Systems which first popularized the very concept of Open MR Because of its dependability, the MRP-7000 remains popular more than a decade after the first U.S. system was shipped. In fact, an overwhelming percentage of the MRP systems sold in the U.S. are still performing clinical scans today. This, combined with the tendency of … Read more

Hitachi AIRIS Mate Open

hitachi airis mate open

Overview Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging Hitachi AIRIS Mate .2T Open Bore MRI – is a compact high-performance MRI system with a permanent magnet 0.2 Tesla. Permanent magnet AIRIS Mate allows as severe angiographic studies, and standard orthopedic. The best choice for small clinics. RELATED PRODUCTS

Hitachi Echelon 1.5T

Hitachi Echelon 1.5T full size MRI Scanner

Overview Hitachi’s Echelon 1.5T is a premiere value in MRI. A reliable imaging tool, Echelon delivers excellent image quality and RF fat saturation with workflow advantages in patient setup, motion compensation, and image processing. With the short-bore gantry and small footprint, Echelon offers a simple solution for customer’s upgrading or replacing equipment. A staple of … Read more


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