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5 Facts About MRI Equipment Producer, Hitachi

One of the companies that produce Amber’s MRI equipment and CT systems is the Japan based Hitachi. Hitachi, Ltd. is a multinational company that controls eleven business segments. They are also one of the world’s leaders in healthcare technology. Some of their many useful products include MRI equipment, CT scanners, Ultrasound machines, Optical Topography, and more. Hitachi is a well known Japanese company, but the history of the company is a long and complicated one. Its origins began in 1910, when Hitachi created the first 5-horsepower electric induction motor (originally developed for use in copper mining) in Ibaraki Prefecture. Here are five facts you may not know about the healthcare conglomerate.

1.) The founder of Hitachi is Namihei Odaira, who was an engineer for a mining company before starting Hitachi. When he and his co-workers developed a five horsepower electric motor, it marked the beginning of what would come to be known as Hitachi. Since the venture was started in house by the mining company, however, the first owner of Hitachi was Fusanosuke Kuhara, the President of the mining company.

2.)  Namihei Odaira named his company Hitachi after the town where he made his first sale. Hitachi means “rising sun.” It is created by superimposing two kanji characters: hi meaning “sun,” and tachi meaning “rise”.

3.) Fusanosuke Kuhara died at the age of 95 in Minato, Japan. His home now serves as the hotel Happo-en, which is noted for its beautiful Japanese gardens.

Hitachi campus. Hitachi produces MRI equipment.

Engineering building of Ibaraki University.

4.) Odaira founded a number of organizations and institutions, among which are a fire-fighting service, the Hitachi Hospital, a school for apprentices, an industrial high school that became the present-day engineering faculty of Ibaraki University, and the Hitachi Golf Club.

Hitachi Town

Hitachi City from Town Kamine Park.

5.) In 2012, Hitachi released a humanoid robot that can respond to spoken commands and search for things in a room. The robot is called the Emiew 2, and Hitachi plans to put the robot to use in offices and hospitals. Hitachi also hopes Emiew 2 will be a future companion for humans.

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