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The Father of Angioplasty: Charles Dotter

Many scientists and radiologists contributed to the development of interventional radiology, but none so much as Dr. Charles Theodore Dotter, who first described angioplasty in 1964. Chairman of the School of Medicine Department of Diagnostic Radiology at Oregon Health Sciences University for 33 years, Dr. … Read more

5 Interesting Facts About DR Manufacturer Vieworks

A fairly new company, Vieworks has only been in business since 1999; however, as of 2016 they are one of the leading manufacturers of advanced digital medical imaging processing, signal processing for imaging sensor and high precision optics, and opto-mechanical design. At Amber Diagnostics, Vieworks … Read more

Amber’s Engineers are OEM Trained and Certified

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” and OEM certification means that a company is certified to acquire another company’s products in order to remanufacture and resell their products to customers. For Amber, this means that all of our engineers are OEM trained and certified to … Read more

Concussions in sports & the role of PET imaging

Concussions in Sports & The Role of PET Imaging

In 2002, a neuropathologist named Bennet Omalu discovered that repeated head trauma in football players caused brain damage similar to that of rapidly declining Alzheimer’s patients. His discovery was spurred by the death of Mike Webber, a former pro-NFL player and Hall of Famer who had, … Read more


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