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A Brief Look into Africa’s Growth in the Radiology Sector

The healthcare sector is one of the major industries beginning to make an impact in Africa, showing signs of notable progress

Following decades of slow growth, Africa has begun pursuing economic reforms and is expected to grow by 6% in the coming years. The healthcare sector is one of the major industries beginning to make an impact in Africa, showing signs of notable progress as the quality of hospitals, professionals, and access to medical equipment is improving.

Amber Nigeria The growth of the middle class in Africa is also expected to continue this year, presenting new opportunities that include a growing demand for private health services and adoption of new technologies. Subsequently, as the health facilities begin upgrading or replacing outdated imaging systems, this will also provide immense opportunities for those selling in the refurbished medical equipment market.

Currently, most of Africa’s hospital equipment and supplies are imported, and there exists a solid need for the supply of a wide range of hospital equipment, instrumentation, and machinery. In Kenya itself, private health institutions account for 60% of total medical equipment and supplies.

Typically, private practitioners require high-end medical equipment, but the public sector acquires less costly equipment. Nonetheless, being a price-sensitive market, African buyers are always on the lookout for high-quality, competitively priced medical equipment to meet their requirements.

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Amber Diagnostics and West Africa in the Radiology Sector

For many years, Amber Diagnostics, Inc has proudly extended our services, including an established team of experienced service engineers, to those in West Africa and beyond. Our goal is to positively impact the lives of those living overseas, and help clients from different parts of the world capitalize on acquiring medical equipment with cost effective solutions.

Nigeria is one of the many countries we have successfully built a strong relationship with. Economic reform has successfully put Nigeria back on track towards achieving its full economic potential and is now considered the largest economy in the West African region (and the second largest economy in all of Africa, following South Africa). Nigeria has been reorganizing its health system with a comprehensive strategy to improve all areas of health care including efficiency and cost.

As advanced technology continues to change radiology, we are here to help our international clients embrace the new technologies and better their medical practice. From selling equipment to completing the installation, we make it easy for the African market to work with Amber. We believe that the more we work together, the better chances we have at excelling in our respective businesses.

If you have questions or concerns about importing or exporting radiology equipment overseas, feel free to contact me anytime. The entire Amber team is here to help.

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