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Purchasing DR Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a DR system can be a controversial topic for any organization. That is because medical imaging equipment is a substantial investment that requires a lot of research before diving in. These are the six main questions that an organization should ask before purchasing a Digital Radiography x-ray system. What is DR?Digital Radiography is a … Read more

Second Hand Radiology Equipment – Things to Know

Second Hand Radiology Equipment - Things to Know

The purchasing and usage of second hand radiology equipment is rising exponentially. It’s no secret that budgets are shrinking significantly in the current reality of the healthcare sector. Few facilities actually have the resources present to afford all the latest and sophisticated equipment. Nevertheless, healthcare providers are being urged to decrease the amount of time … Read more

Top 5 Price Points of X-Ray Equipment

Revealing All the Costs of Purchasing a Refurbished X-Ray Purchasing X-Ray equipment can be a difficult task. Not only does it need to meet the needs of the medical institution or facility, but also the budget. Spending too much on the device might cause a buyer not being able to afford the necessary scanners needed … Read more

The Environmental Benefits of Refurbished Imaging Equipment

The benefits of refurbished imaging equipment.

You know that purchasing refurbished imaging equipment over new is a good investment for your facility. Stretching your budget is never a bad thing, and refurbished equipment is just as safe and effective as brand new. But have you ever thought about the environmental benefits of purchasing refurbished? You should, because they’re quite significant. Refurbished … Read more

Ultrasounds from GE Video

GE ultrasounds

  Hey there, I’m glad to see that you might be considering Amber’s Ultrasound machines from GE. Amber has been in the business of refurbishing Ultrasounds since 1993, so no one is better equipped to tackle your Ultrasound project.   Questions are normal when making such a large investment, but you won’t have to worry, … Read more

Remembering Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, the Inventor of the CT Scanner

Inventor of the CT scanner, Godfrey Hounsfield

This past weekend marked the death of Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, one of the medical industries greatest minds and the inventor of the CT Scanner.   Born on August 28, 1919 in Nottinghamshire, England, Hounsfield grew up enjoying the ‘freedom of a rather isolated country life.’ His five siblings were much older and so Godfrey was able … Read more

C-Arm Main Video

Check out our C-Arm Machine Main video below! – – – – – –     It looks like you might be interested in one of Amber’s C-Arms. You’ve definitely made the right decision to visit Amber’s web site. Amber has been providing quality pre-owned and refurbished Fluoroscopic C-Arms around the world since 1993! No … Read more

MRI Machine Main Page Video

Check out Amber’s MRI Machine main page video below! – – – – –     It looks like you may be interested in Amber’s MRI systems. Since 1993 Amber Diagnostics has been providing and installing quality pre-owned and refurbished MRI scanners around the world. This includes all throughout North America, Europe, Nigeria, South America, … Read more


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