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A Special Look at Demand in Healthcare

Demand for certain modalities or parts rely mostly on regional location and also on what the set up is

The world of healthcare is constantly changing. Sometimes the changes in healthcare revolve around policy and drivers and other times they revolve around improvements in technology. No matter what the change is, it’s fair to assume that going forward changes are usually positive. While changes do mean that there is an attempt at progress, they also mean that there is some sort of fallout waiting to occur.

In medical technology, specifically diagnostic imaging, there is always an evolution that can only mean two things, progress and high demand. High demand in the med tech market can mean any number of things, from X-Ray machines, to CT scanners to certain parts for them. As always demand for certain modalities or parts rely mostly on regional location and also on what the set up is.

This is the kind of situation that’s good for providers of parts and equipment because it creates a niche market. A parts provider can actually focus on specific things that may be harder for someone else to focus on. The following is a list of items in high demand:

  • Flat Panel Detectors
  • IV Pumps
  • Therapy equipment
  • Any equipment parts less than seven years old

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This is great as far as parts providers go because it gives them the opportunity to either focus on specific parts, or broaden their inventory.  It will be interesting to see if this creates a greater symbiosis between providers of equipment and parts suppliers.

If you have any questions about diagnostic imaging equipment please let us know. Our team of experts here at Amber Diagnostics looks forward to answering your questions. With over 20 years of experience Amber is proud to stand out by providing its customers with the best service in the industry.

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