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CEE and Russia Medical Imaging Market Forecasted to Rise at $2.34 Billion in 2015

The aging population, rising disease, and growing awareness of health issues is expected to increase the demand for medical imaging services across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in the upcoming years.

The Medical Imaging Market Outlook for CEE and Russia, a new analysis from Frost & Sullivan,finds that their market earned $1.42 billion in revenues for 2010 and is projected to reach $2.34 billion in 2015. The research consists of general x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), mammography, and picture archiving and communication system (PACS) segments across Russia, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania.

Though the installed base of high-end imaging devices (such as MRI and CT) in the region is scarce, and a large segment of low-end imaging (such as x-ray or ultrasound) modalities have become obsolete and require replacement, the availability of EU funds and governmental financial support, as well as the rising value of private healthcare, are designed to help overcome these challenges.

“The availability of EU funds for member states in the CEE, paralleled by governmental programs in Russia, will be an important source of financing for new equipment purchases and will contribute significantly to the development of the medical imaging market in CEE,” says Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Dominika Grzywinska. Alternative financing methods offered by medical imaging vendors, along with governmental support for public-private partnerships could accelerate market growth as well.

Private end-users have established their presence in less costly imaging segments and are expanding their presence into more costly, imaging diagnostics. However, private end-users do face a bigger challenge as affordability of medical imaging equipment in CEE countries and Russia is limited.

“Furthermore, private facilities are frequently interested in refurbished equipment since they are more concerned about Return On Investment than public facilities,” adds Grzywinska. “Refurbished systems are in most demand for higher-priced modalities, such as MRI or CT…”

At Amber Diagnostics, we sell affordable MRI and CT systems to private end users so they can comfortably buy high-end devices in addition to low range modalities. We also refurbish these systems to allow private practices to compete with larger, government owned imaging centers.

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