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CT Scanner 16 Slice Spotlight: Siemens SOMATOM Emotion

The Siemens SOMATOM Emotion is one of the best 16 slice CT scanners on the market today. It employs the smallest focal spot size in its class with a fine detector collimation of 6 x 0.5 mm and 16 x 0.6 mm, and also facilitates 1472 active effective detector channels for increased image quality, UFC detector, potential for dose reduction with CARE Dose4D, and significant dose reduction with IRIS.

Enabling the physician to perform not only routine examinations such as brain, chest, and abdomen, but also higher end examinations as well, the SOMATOM Emotion is a favorite of doctors the world over.

Workflow is improved with CT storage box, which holds all basic CT positioning accessories and facilitates ease of patient positioning, as well as freedom of movement for faster intervention. It also employs a patient breathing indicator for improved patient breath-hold, remote access with syngo Expert-i, and increased efficiency with linked database between scanner and workstation, fast reconstruction, and WorkStream 4D.

The 16 Slice Siemens SOMATOM Emotion is one of the most popular CT scanners in the world for a reason. It has a modern, compact design, making the installation process a breeze, and requires only a small portion of floor space at 18 square meters with a scan room as small as 15 square meters.  It has the potential to save money even before it starts scanning with not only its fast installation but with reduced scheduled maintenance requirements. There are also lower ongoing costs such as reduced power and air conditioning requirements, a Unique Guardian Program for increased up-time, and syngo Evolve which has the capability for CT upgrades and budget planning.

The 16 slice Siemens SOMATOM Emotion is installed at nearly 9,000 institutes around the world, and has been ranked the highest among major vendors several times, earning top performance scores in several categories as well such as ‘Ease of Use,’ ‘Quality of Training,’ and ‘Product Works As Promoted!’ See what all the fuss is about yourself. Speak with Amber Diagnostic’s CT scanner experts here about the Siemens SOMATOM Emotion today.

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