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What is the price of a CT Scanner.

What is the Price of a CT Scanner?

The price of a CT Scanner primarily depends on whether you purchase from the primary or secondary market. CT scanners have a 20% depreciation rate, so experienced buyers will typically shop for a deal in the secondary market first. This article will break down the cost … Read more

CT Scanner Slices and What are Their Differences?

CT scan machines come in single, dual source and multi-slice technology. CT Scanner slices is determined by how many levels of anatomy are acquired in one rotation. To be clear, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation of CT scanners are single slice units, the later generations, … Read more

MRI or CT scanner machine

MRI Machines Vs CT Scanners, What Should I Purchase?

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of each modality and how they both can benefit any imaging department? Both modalities have been around since the seventies, and they take axial, coronal, and sagittal planes of the human body. Then, 3D images are formed using … Read more

Bariatric patient talking to doctor

Buying a Bariatric CT Scanner? What to Look For

Bariatric CT scanners are gaining popularity because the have larger bore sizes and come equipped with bigger generators with higher output, increased field of view (FOV) and bigger tables which helps reduce anxiety on claustrophobic and obese patients. In addition, excellent post processing software that … Read more

CT Scanner machine tube

What is the CT Scanner Tube’s Lifespan?

What is a CT Scanner tube’s life span?  Well It depends on frequency of use, types of exams, and patient population. Studies have shown there is no set limit. There are many factors such as: Mechanical, environmental, and usage, that can affect the life expectancy … Read more

CT Scanner machines costs

How Much Does a CT Machine Cost?

Overview How much does a CT machine cost and which one is right for you? CT scans are one of the most common practices in the world, yet they are also one of the most costly because organizations recover associated costs through imaging charges. These … Read more

CT Machine Site Plan Diagram

CT Machine Site Plan Checklist

CT Site Plan Overview Why is CT machine site planning important? It can save you a huge amount of trouble in the long run. Before you close in on that low-priced CT machine, think about space and all other requirements for your device’s site. Room … Read more

Types of CT Scanner Machines

The Different Types of CT Machines

The CT machine has been called one of the most important advances in radiology since the X-ray. The introduction of CT scanners has helped cut down the need for invasive procedures, allowing detailed glimpses into the body without having to touch a scalpel. Major benefits … Read more

CT X-Ray Tube – How long will it last?

Your CT scanner is a vital player in your medical imaging facility. And inside that CT scanner is an x-ray tube that is vital to the performance of your CT system. Like any piece of machinery, x-ray tubes don’t last forever, but should last for … Read more


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