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Need a Doctor? There is an App for that!

As the world of wireless communications advances more and more, phones have ceased to serve the purpose of simple communication. Today you can access your bank account, a rerun of your favorite TV show, your social networking media of choice, and some sort of Tetris hybrid game, perhaps tending to a farm that doesn’t require anything more than an active thumb. With so many advancements in technology, medicine and wireless communication were bound to link up at some point or another.


So what exactly is the new wireless/healthcare connection? The new connection between two key worlds in our life goes beyond finding health information on your mobile device. Concord Health has made what is a landmark announcement, the creation of a Mobile Health Application. Concord’s application is far more advanced than a mere search medical app. According to news reports the new app is called Doctor in Pocket.


The purpose of Doctor in Pocket is to serve as a doctor patient communication and diagnosis application. What’s fascinating about this is that it actually gives patients the ability to register and be treated by the doctor of their choice. This app is essentially an all purpose consultation service that gives patients the ability to text questions, pictures, send messages, and ultimately have a consultation. While this type of app seems a touch impersonal it may go a long way toward getting doctors closer to their patients.


This application is definitely a sign of things to come in the future of healthcare. Perhaps there will be a phone developed that can take simple X-Rays. It will be interested to see how this app is received over time. One can assume that this app will cut down on trips to the doctor’s office to discuss results of everything from blood tests, to CT scans. While nothing is completely certain, this is definitely an advent that will spark curiosity and competition from other companies.


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Nathan Welch
MRI, CT & PET/CT Specialist





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