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Emerging Diagnostic Imaging Market

As we continue to struggle with a world wide recession and the value of various currencies continues to decrease, there is light at the end of the imaging sector tunnel. While sectors such as hosing, some technology, finances, and so on, are struggling to see a palpable increase, imaging shows great promise. Imaging is one of the more advanced technical sectors in the medical diagnostics market. Today imaging comprises a vital part of diagnosis and treatment and, as medicine progresses, it advances more and more.


With the progression of the diagnostic imaging market there is greater call for newer equipment, especially by countries looking to modernize the equipment that they use. Markets are looking to increase their budgets for expenditures in healthcare over 4 to5 years. One market looking to increase over the next three years is the Chinese market. The projection for the Chinese market is over 2.5 billion dollars, for diagnostic imaging equipment alone. Inmost cases it’s plain to see that the market for imaging equipment is one of the few truly profitable enterprises in today’s somewhat adverse world economy. The equipment varies from CT scanners, to X-Ray machines, to MRIs, to many more. In China’s case, the increase comes as a there is need to minimize the gap between rural and urban facilities.


The growth of the market is not a phenomenon that is strictly limited to China, although China’s 2 billion dollar projection is quite impressive. The diagnostic imaging market as a whole will increase to well over 26 billion dollars by the year 2016. There are multiple factors that lend to the increase of the diagnostic imaging market. Factors such as aging, longer life spans, and advancements in imaging are what’s bolstering the rapid growth of the imaging market. It’s very likely that, as technology improves in order to minimize risks in testing, the current projected numbers will likely grow.


This type of growth in the diagnostic imaging market provides room for everyone from manufacturers, to vendors, to healthcare practitioners. There are companies that are looking to stake a presence as the market grows. Hopefully this type of growth will signify a new era of significantly improved healthcare in the near future, especially when dealing complex diseases with low survival rates.


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Nathan Welch
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