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The CT scanner is a large X-Ray machine and it has a bed where the patient lies down, partly inside a large open cylinder

Today there are a million advances that have been made in terms of technology. To the average person a radio is something slightly primitive. If you don’t carry about ten wireless devices, you are not in the inn crowd or even close to it. Everything from cell phones, to tablet PCs, to MP3 players, is a big thing. In healthcare, trends are similar in the sense that, if you don’t have a specific piece of equipment, you may well be behind the times in terms of diagnostics.

You don’t see the old Doctor’s bags with basic diagnostic tools anymore. Today a big tool for physicians is diagnostic imaging. One of the more used and respected tools in diagnostic imaging is the Computed Tomography  (CT) Scanner. So what do you know about the CT Scanner?

What you Know

The CT scanner is a machine based on the X-Ray principle. The machine itself is large, takes up an entire room and it has a bed where the patient lies down, partly inside a large open, cylinder. CT scanners employ the use of radiation and are used in aiding physicians spot, diagnose, and ultimately treat, complex conditions. CT Scanners are also used to aid in the treatment of conditions once they have been spotted.

A Little More

What do you know about the history of the CT scanner? We know it’s a valuable tool in medicine, uses radiation, and some people get a little claustrophobic with it. The history of the CT scanner is something quite different and interesting. While the X-Ray, the main predecessor was invented in 1895, the first CT Scan did not take place until 1971. While 1971 makes the CT scan a young technology, its roots go back almost 80 years.

According to “By the 1930s, tomography was being developed, enabling the visualization of sections through a body.”  The CT Scan was being conceived although not in the terms that we know it today.

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The 70’s

The 1970’s did not just see the birth of the CT scan and the performance of the first scan but the first installations as well. In 1973 the first scan was performed in the US and by 1976 companies were offering the CT Scanner to the market. From the very first scan performed in 1971 to the use of CT Scanners on a clinical setting, five years later, the scan had improved vastly in terms of image quality.


Today’s technology rich society sees the CT scanner as another run of the mill necessary machine that physicians use for diagnosis. The truth is that the CT scanner is an effective tool that some may well take for granted and consider unnecessary given the rising costs of healthcare. The CT scanner will continue to be a necessary tool in medicine much like any other diagnostic imaging procedure. As time goes on, the quality of the scanner will continue to improve.

If you have any questions about the CT Scanner or other diagnostic imaging equipment, please feel free to call us anytime. We look forward to taking your call and answering any questions you may have.

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