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Mobile Imaging Can Open a New Niche

As time passes progress increases in the technical sector and it ushers in changes that may have seemed impossible years ago. Diagnostic imaging started with the advent of the “wondrous” X- Ray and from there it made it to a level where there’s a machine for every complex condition. When you turn and look, diagnostic imaging has effectively made it to where anyone trying to grow, can do so by finding a niche.

Everyone from manufacturers to parts dealers, to service providers, to re- furbished equipment dealers all have some sort of niche in the market. With the growth in the diagnostic imaging market exceeding expectations in terms of worth at over 30 billion dollars over the next four years, everyone is trying to get in on the action.

It’s no surprise to see software companies trying to increase their market share by going ahead and creating the alternative. Companies have taken to using tablet PCs, more commonly the iPad and putting in imaging software. Part of the purpose is to allow clinicians to access images much faster than normal, without the concern for sacrificing ease and diagnostic confidence.

On a clinician level, this particular development can only mean that workflow will improve and patients are likely to better understand their diagnosis due in part to the ease with which they are likely to relate to a device like an iPad. Mobile imaging is rapidly cashing in on medical technologies by becoming a part of the landscape with apps and the ability to run software strictly for medical purposes.

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While the technology and diagnostics end is going to reflect a major change with this, bust so too is the world of providers. Manufacturers such as Apple are looking at a major spike in sales that will show over time while software companies are likely to further concentrate their efforts in medical technologies. Where diagnostic imaging equipment is concerned, iPads are likely to become a part a part of the landscape and open up the opportunity for sales at a higher volume.

The studies that reflected a high recommendation for during hours use serves as a small barometer for where mobile devices will go in the future. There were only a few issues, such as report reading, reported and those issues were not attributed to software problems at all. This may seem like a major development only in terms of software but as the device market continues to grow on a world basis, but it’s more than that. As far as devices go there will be a huge increase in demand for tablets over time. The niche will be people looking to get into imaging equipment but limited by pricing and other factors where equipment is concerned.

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