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MRI Coil Maintenance & Damage Prevention

Should your department consider both, superconducting and open MRI scanners?

MRI coils are fragile and an essential part of your practice, which is why keeping them in great condition is so important. Servicing them can become a chore, due to the way today’s coils are designed with more resonating elements in ergonomic housing. In fact, repairing coils can become so costly that the better option may be to just replace them if the damage is bad enough – another great reason to keep your MRI coils in working order as long as possible. Done with regular love and care from your staff, of course.

Below are some tips to keep your coils in the best shape possible.

  • Great care should be taken when handling the coils, and they should never be yanked from the cable.
  • Make sure to clean them regularly, but it should only be with recommended cleaning products. A diluted or mild disinfectant would work well.
  • You patients also need to be aware of the fragility of the coils and know how to deal with them gently.
  • Make sure your coils are easy to access and stored in a convenient location for you and your staff, such as a holder or cart.
  • Never stack the heavy coils atop the smaller ones.

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  • If you do see any small damage on coils, take care of it right away and have the issues repaired, or you’ll risk bigger problems down the road.
  • Instruct your staff to never try and force a connector into the wrong receptacle.
  • If you must ship off a coil for repair, take care to package it correctly so further damage won’t be garnered from transit.
  • If you do choose to repair your coils, use OEM or a reputable third party, such as Amber Diagnostics.

If you take care of your MRI coils, you can avoid regular mishaps and damage. However, we have a dedicated team ready to repair or replace your coils when that time comes around. Contact us here to speak to one of our MRI experts today!


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