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MRI Comparison Chart, Siemens Magnetom Espree vs. Siemens Magnetom Avanto

Siemens Magnetom Espree vs. Siemens Magnetom Avanto

MRI Model> Magnetom Espree> Magnetom Avanto
CompanySiemens HealthcareSiemens Healthcare
Clinical ApplicationWhole BodyWhole Body
ConfigurationUltra-short open boreShort bore
Field Strength1.5 T1.5 T
(35 or 40cm DSV), Vrms
<5ppm @ 40cm DSV
(24 plane plot)
1.2ppm typ. @ 40 cm DSV
(24 plane plot)
5-Gauss Fringe Field
Radial Axial, m
2.5 42.5 4
Cryogen Refill PeriodApproximately 10 yearsApproximately 10 years
Finished Gantry Weight, kg
5,100 in operation5,500 in operation
Finished (Covered) Gantry Dimension, cm (L x W x H)125 x 230 x 225160 x 230 x 230
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