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How to Keep Your MRI System from Losing its COOL – real tips from real experts

Tips to keep your MRI system cool, suggested by experts in the field

Below are some helpful tips to keep your MRI system cool, suggested by experts in the field. As a result, this can help your operation continue running smoothly and cut down on unnecessary costs in the event of an outage.

1.) Service Contract

The cold-head and compressor must be running in order to keep the MRI system cool. Compressors are cooled by cold water, which is supplied by a chiller. However, the chiller is a big obstacle when trying to keep the system cool as the compressor and cold-head will shut down if the chiller is not working. Experts advise buyers to include service contracts on their chillers and conduct inspections throughout the year. Service contracts can also help with continuous monitoring of your helium and scheduled fills.

2.) Remote Monitoring

Power outages during off hours can cause major helium loss for the MRI system, and go unnoticed for a long period of time. If remotely monitored, MRI owners can receive warnings via email, text messages, or voice mails if the cold-head/chiller is not working. With this prompt alert, owners can contact tech support to get the system restored before losing valuable helium.

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3.) Maintenance

End users should always perform preventative maintenance, even if the MRI system is working. In the event that the cold-head shuts off, customers will lose a good amount of liquid helium. And with the latest helium shortage issue, it can be challenging to get the system serviced and replace helium at the same time. Remember, with the loss of helium also comes the loss of money as the cost rises with each liter of helium lost.

4.) Get Systems Checked

If you have any doubts on your MRI system’s performance, get it checked before a minor problem becomes major. Experts have seen machines whose cold head hasn’t been running for days without the site even knowing. While the machine can still scan, and patients are still being put through, the system may have lost a large percentage of helium before the end user notices.

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