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News on the CT Scanning Front

New implementations to existing CT equipment are being mean a tremendous sales boost in the long run

CT scanning continues to be a major player, if not the major player in diagnostic imaging. As far as the diagnostic imaging sales market goes there is significant portion that’s allotted to CT scanners. MRI scanners, X-Ray machines and other modalities are comparable but still the CT scanner is like a gold standard internationally and otherwise.

CT Scan of pelvic fracture
Pelvic Fracture

As far as the CT scanner goes the new implementations that are being made to existing equipment mean a tremendous sales boost in the long run.

BRIC countries are benefiting from the attention of manufacturers but third world economies are benefiting from healthcare drivers which are in turn providing new and exciting opportunities for companies dealing with refurbished equipment, service technicians, and local markets looking to establish themselves in the equipment sector.

A great example of implementations is the ability to update your system to the 64 and 128 slice configurations. There is the 16 and 32 slice which is more cost effective but slightly limited. The interesting thing is that 16 and 32 slice reduces radiation by 60%, an attractive thing to people worried about radiation. While this is a type of implementation that will not make it to the refurbished sector for a while, it creates a new dimension altogether.

There is the point to be made that the different configurations are good in different ways and are vital for different patient profiles. The configurations normally work as follows:

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  • 16 Slice- Suitable for routine scans in oncology, and imaging chest, head, lungs, and abdomen.
  • 32 Slice- More geared toward bone fractures, inner ear and vascular applications.
  • 64 Slice- Has faster image acquisitions with shorter scanning times than usual.
  • 128 Slice- Suitable for diagnostics in pediatrics and cardiology.
MRI Machine

An upgrade can mean possible billions in terms of a long term projection into the existing market. The numbers could improve another 5% to 10% as far as what the overall progress of the market is. The global number in terms of sales is close to over 30 billion dollars over the next 3 years. Upgrades are a growing market and when it comes to imaging, being able to do an upgrade in an existing modality, that’s big business.

In the end the market’s growth will be dictated by the initial progress of this modality in terms of sales and response. The technology installed by manufacturers will play a role as well. While this will take longer to filter to markets like Africa, The Philippines, and certain Eastern European markets, once the opportunity is there the business will only grow.

If you have any questions about CT scanners or any diagnostic imaging modalities please feel free to give us a call. Our team of dedicated experts is looking forward to answering all your questions and helping you with all your diagnostic imaging needs.


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