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Planning Your Urology Site

When creating your urology imaging site you have to understand a few things. Your new site’s purpose is so you can better serve your patients and that alone should be your sole reason. You have to consider what space you are counting on and understand that whatever modality you are purchasing has specific space and power requirements.


To plan a proper urology site you have to ensure you know the measurements of a fully assembled modality and what makes a room right for that. You also have to consider proper and effective work flow and how long it will take to create a properly functioning site. There are also state regulations that have to be properly considered and followed. When planning your site you also have to consider who you do business with. It’s vital that your equipment provider be aware of regulations, dimensions, and also proper installation of the equipment.


It’s important to be aware of how much electricity the equipment will use and if there is enough power to support it. Other huge factors include temperature, environmental considerations given the fact that these modalities employ the use of radiation, and proper shielding of the site. In diagnostic radiology lead-lined materials are used for the purposes of shielding because it’s easy to acquire, commercially, for units below 300 kvp. Urology equipment like the OEC 2800 and the Hydra Vision Plus meet this type of requirement so finding the shielding is easy. Concrete is another choice for effective shielding while other metals in pure form are considered usable although not as effective.

Planning Your Urology Site2

Environmental concerns deal with issues such as the administration of radioactive materials to human subjects, proper disposal of radioactive materials, and the proper control of the release of radioactive materials. These rules vary from state to state and may even have different applications from municipality to municipality. This is the part of site planning that can be difficult and sounds slightly ominous even though it sounds like a fairly easy fix.


There are specific building considerations that need to be adhered to as well before creating a space for the suite. The type of materials that are used should not be your standard tree house plywood. With urology systems there is not as much to consider as with other modalities but it’s good to know all the rules and what’s right in order to create an effective urology imaging site, or any imaging site.


If you have any questions about planning your imaging site or imaging modalities, please feel free to give us a call. Our team of experts here at Amber Diagnostics is always eager to helping you understanding everything from acquiring a modality to proper support and maintenance.


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