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The PC Tablet Has Some Medical Use

When tablet PCs first came out, they were something special in the market, the ultimate new toy to have. A few years after the Ipad came out and the tablet PC became the absolute must have for everyone. If you did not have an Ipad, you were not in the know or the now. Today tablet PCs are almost as important as a cell phone and provide as many uses as the cell phone. There is a new development with the tablet, at least according to some studies.

The tablet PC is now being considered as a possible and likely effective study tool for radiology. While there are obviously some serious limitations for mobile app learning, it seems like many students feel that it’s the next big thing. According to some findings posted on there is a possibility that tablets may “increase efficiency by reducing consultation wait time” and also “enhance consultations with patients and other clinicians.” This is the type of thing that serves as a very promising development in the world of diagnostic imaging.

While these applications are in a period of infancy, there is a chance that they may and will improve to a period where they may well be specialized in the diagnostic imaging market. The intention here is not to create an I version of the CT scanner, the X-Ray, or the MRI. A year ago there was a research survey done on over 300 radiology residents and the results of that study showed that 37% of the residents owned tablets.

Today we live in an age where technology plays a major part in our daily lives. With applications being created that provide a more direct line between patient and physician, the tablet is the next logical step. It’s certain that it will be long time before tablets are at a point where we can see them used in a more applied capacity, but still, it’s like witnessing the dawn of a new age in diagnostic imaging.

The limitations in terms of dimensions are there, dimensions such ach as smaller screens without the ability to examine side by side images and a more limited manner of resolution in terms of the picture. The advantage is the fact that it may make the process far more streamlined. Let’s see what the future will bring us, and how good it will be in terms of where it takes diagnostic imaging.

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