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OEC 9600 vs. OEC 9800 C-Arm

When it comes to the OEC 9800 and the OEC 9600 C-Arms, a lot of buyers might have trouble deciding which one to choose When it comes to the OEC 9800 and the OEC 9600 C-Arm, a lot of buyers might have trouble deciding which … Read more

Functional MRI

Parkinson’s Hallucinations are Linked to Brain Disruptions

MRI to visualize disruptions in several areas of the brain associated with attention and visual processing in Parkinson’s sufferers Parkinson’s disease affects the central nervous system, mainly the motor system. The long term degenerative disease causes tremors, memory loss, difficulty walking, and shaking. Some with … Read more

Full Size OEC C-Arm

Amber’s skilled C-Arm expert is here to talk about your specific needs, procedures, and patient applications I’m glad to see you’re browsing Amber’s selection of OEC C-Arms. Thank you for taking the time to look through our inventory. Did you know that Amber Diagnostics has … Read more

X-Ray Machine Main Page Video

When considering an X-Ray machine think about your space requirements, patient volume, and of course, your budget It looks like you might be interested in Amber’s X-Ray Machines. Amber Diagnostics has been providing installation and service for used X-Ray equipment  since 1993, so you can … Read more

C-Arm Main Video

Since 1993 no one is more experienced and equipped to handle, process, and deliver your C-Arm It looks like you might be interested in one of Amber’s C-Arms. You’ve definitely made the right decision to visit Amber’s web site. Amber has been providing quality pre-owned and … Read more

CT Scanner Main Page Video

Feel free to choose the scanner that best fits your needs and our CT specialist will follow up with you It looks like you may be interested in one of Amber’s CT scanners. I want to assure you that you’ve made the right choice. On this … Read more

Behind the scenes for Amber's videos

Coming Soon: New Videos for Amber!

Have a look at some behind the scenes shots we captured! This week Amber Diagnostics began work on new videos for our website, starring the lovely Alex. She’ll greet you on every page to talk about our MRI machines, CT scanners, C-Arm systems, PET-CT systems, … Read more

Pioneers in Radiology: Elizabeth Fleischman

Pioneers in Radiology: Elizabeth Fleischman-Aschheim

Fleischman decided to dedicate her life to radiography when she learned of Wilhelm Rontgen’s breakthrough with X-Rays in 1896 Elizabeth Fleischman was one of the first women pioneers in radiology; she was born in California in 1859. Even though she only worked with X-Rays for … Read more

Alzheimer's Could Be Caused By Radiation

Radiation May Cause Alzheimer’s, New Study Shows

Radiation could have a connection to Alzheimer’s, an international consortia is set out to discover A new study from the University of Southern Denmark suggests that radiation may be a confounding factor in Alzheimer’s disease. The leading cause of dementia in the elderly is Alzheimer’s. It … Read more


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