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The Viral Encephalitis Equation

What do we know about viral encephalitis? We know viral encephalitis is a life threatening disease that can occur at any age. Viral encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain that’s caused by a virus. So it’s fair to ask: How exactly do we treat Viral Encephalitis? As with many ailments, diagnostic imaging plays a big part in better understanding viral encephalitis.

According to an abstract published on “It is critical to make a rapid and correct diagnosis for a better outcome of the disease. Accumulating evidence has suggested that MRI is a powerful tool for the detection of any lesion of the CNS caused by viral infections and helps to initiate the timely treatment.” So once again diagnostic imaging plays a major role in helping treat a life threatening and complex condition that doesn’t really discriminate.

According to the report in the most common virus that causes encephalitis in humans is the HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus). In the diagnostic imaging study that was conducted, the MRI was used to better effect than a CT scan. While it was stated in the study that there is no correlation between the imaging and the extent of some abnormalities in cerebrospinal fluid, it was made clear that the MRI was playing a significant part in the diagnostic procedure.

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This is something of a promising report in many areas because it also covered encephalitis caused by HIV, influenza viruses and many other viruses as well. The promise that we may better understand what a lot of these diseases cause, and how to deal with it, is the kind of step that further enhances the need for advancement in areas such as research and development. As we move forward in our search for better treatments, it’s good to see that we have that major opportunity for a new breakthrough.

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Bobby Serros