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Urology Systems Comparison

Doing your Urology Systems Homework.

You want to be able to perform diagnostic imaging in you urology practice. You know you want to have a fully functional suite but you are not quite sure how much you want to spend or what you want in terms of equipment. It’s important to look at what you want for your practice and your patient There are several factors to consider such as budget, space, FDA clearances and regulations, trends based on what’s effective and what you are willing to do in order to have an effective work flow and a reputation for accuracy.


Often times it’s important to compare similar types of equipment in order to make an educated choice. While some types of equipment are likely to have better features than others, it’s important to look at them side by side to see which would be a better choice. The following is a chart comparing a few of the features of the GE OEC UroView 2800 system to a few of the features of the Liebel Flarsheim Hydra Vison DR:





( Worldwide)

Yes Yes
POWER REQUIREMENT 220 VAC, 30 A 240/480 VAC, Single phase or 3- phase
WEITHGT kg (lbs) 1,000, ( 2025) 748.3 ( 1650)


The chart really only covers a minute number of features of the two but the features are vital to making a decision as to what is right for your practice. Considerations for weight and power requirements are vital to where the physician wants to put this type of equipment. Other considerations include pricing as well as technical specs that serve as a way to measure which piece of equipment is right.


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