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What Are The Benefits Of Mobile CT Units?

Mobile CT units and how they can be used in any medical setting

First of all, what is a mobile CT unit?

To be clear, mobile CT scanners shouldn’t be confused with portable CT units.

The portable CT scanners are small, maneuverable, and can fit in patient rooms. Some of them can be used in the Operating Room during surgeries. Some are designed to do extremity, and maxillofacial work.

Mobile CT units, on the other hand, are standard CT units that are installed on semi-trailer trucks and transported from place to place. There are used, refurbished and new models available with the same capabilities of standard CT scanners. And of course, they are loaded with the same features to choose from such as bore size, slice count and generator power.  

Who are mobile CT units for?

Any hospital or medical facility that performs daily CT scans will find mobile units beneficial. Even the large busy medical centers can benefit from a mobile unit if their regular scanner is unavailable, or on busy days, the mobile CT scanner can alleviate the workload and provide a backup unit when the regular CT unit breaks down.

Mobile units are Quick to Set up

The mobile scanner is brought in by a semi-trailer truck that can be parked outside the facility. Once the trailer pulls up to the parking space and hooked up to a power source, the unit is good to go. No need for extensive installation or testing of the equipment. In some cases, mobile units can be delivered and running on the same day with an expedited charge fee.

Patients are transported to the trailer for the CT scan. The mobile unit can save money on real estate or building out additional space. Smaller institutions with limited space may not have room for a standard CT scanner which leaves mobile units as the only option.

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There are options to purchase or rent CT mobile units. The popular choice is renting the unit especially for newer institutions that are building out their imaging department. In rural areas or hospitals with small budgets, the cost of the mobile CT units can be shared between medical facilities that do low volume work.

Any Hospital and Medical institution can benefit from a mobile CT scanner

Mobile CT scanners will continue to find their place in the medical imaging field in any medical setting, from major medical centers to small rural community hospitals. Mobile units are cost effective, easy to set up, and can perform the same procedures as standard CT units.

A Mobile CT unit can alleviate the workload in busy CT departments or shared among multiple imaging sites within the same healthcare network. They have a small footprint and don’t need a lot of real estate for installation.



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