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Should I Purchase an MRI or a CT Scanner?

CT and MRI scans comparison

When it comes time to begin thinking about purchasing an MRI machine or a CT scanner for your facility, you may have quite a few questions. A lot of those questions may revolve around the differences between an MRI machine and a CT scanner, the pros and cons of both, and which one would be the best bet for yourself, and your patients.

The machines may look similar, but the process involved in garnering images from the patient’s body is substantially different.

In order to correctly identify which machine would be best for you, I’ve put together a handy comparison chart below for your convenience.

In addition to the above information, it would be useful to note which areas of the body you’re looking to focus on.

CT Scanners are usually used to diagnose muscle or bone disorders, look for tumors, and diagnose lung and chest problems. Internal damage from accidents can be thoroughly examined by a CT Scanner as well, so they are frequently used in emergency rooms.

MRI vs CT scanner machines comparison chart

Alternatively, an MRI machine is better for soft tissue examinations including tendon, ligament, and spinal columns, as well as diagnosis of brain tumors.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, a thorough consideration of each machine would be ideal for making the best decision for everyone involved. Remember, through the entire process, Amber Diagnostics’ skilled experts can walk you through any additional issues or questions you may have that weren’t answered by this blog post.

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