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What is Tesla in an MRI Scanner?

Tesla is a SI (International System) unit of measurement for magnetic field strength and was named after the Serbian born scientist Nikola Tesla. One Tesla is equal to 10,000 gauss. The earth’s magnetic field is about 0.5

Super conducting MRI scanners use Tesla to measure their magnetic force

To describe the “magnetic force” in a typical scanner MRI technologists will refer to the MRI unit by brand name and Magnetic field strength in Tesla. For example: GE 3.0 T. Most hospitals and private practices, use 1.5T and 3.0T magnets. Newer models, 7.0T and above are being developed for medical imaging centers throughout the world.

Why is magnetic strength important when considering an MRI machine?

The higher the magnetic strength the better the image quality which gets down to (SNR) Signal to Noise Ratio.

SNR can be defined as the difference in signal intensity received from the surface coil that is on the body part being imaged and the surrounding air or background noise. The more intense the signal and the less the

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