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C-Arm, Fluoroscopy And Image Aquisition

Image acquisition on a mobile C-arm for fluoroscopy procedures is either done via an image intensifier (ii) or a flat plate detector.

Early models of stationary flouro units were either mounted to the floor or the ceiling and couldn’t achieve extreme angles. They were used in cardiac catheterization labs for angiograms or interventional radiology suites for vascular peripheral studies. But stationary units lacked the maneuverability to get extreme angles of bony and vascular anatomy. Therefore, a more mobile x-ray unit was developed that could be moved from room to room and angled around the patient without obstructing the surgical site.

A mobile C-arm unit is developed for Surgery

Philips came out with the first mobile C-arm that used fluoroscopy for surgical ortho work in 1955. The C-arm housed an x-ray generator/tube with an image intensifier mounted on the opposite end of a half-moon arm. The fluoroscopic mobile C-arm was attached to a carriage which allowed easy transport from room to room in the OR suite. The c-arm could move around and under the patient and achieve extreme angles for various surgical procedures. The image intensifier attached to the other end of the C-arm brightened the image without the need for increased radiation.

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