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Will the X-Ray die?

The X-Ray is the cornerstone of diagnostic imaging. Without the “wondrous” X-ray the world of diagnostic imaging is would not be where it is. With evolution allowing technology to move forward at a rapid pace, it’s easy to see how new technologies are revolutionizing the present and future of diagnostic imaging. The latest big possibility on the horizon is the use of 3D live introperative holography.
The technology allows the physician to go ahead and interact with the organ. The organ that was used was the heart, the imaging technology was used during 8 minimally invasive procedures. The technology allows the physician to use the scalpel and look at the organ prior to the procedure.


It was stated in the article published in that “Surgeons working on the heart in a minimally invasive fashion have to do quite a bit of interpolating and imagining of where their instruments are in relation to the anatomy and how that anatomy is different from that of other patients.” This only talks about the heart and surgery but the possibility for something far greater are already there.


The technology is new and the interesting thing is the implications that it may have on imaging in the future. There is a distinct possibility that the next step may well be holographic imaging. The ability to tell a patient what their prognosis is with an interactive hologram may be the next big thing in the market.


The cost of this type of technology may be huge when considering you are talking about a way to interact with an image. This kind of technology will certainly provide a new opening in the ever-expanding medical technology sector and provide new opportunities for everyone trying to get into the business.


It will be interesting to see if this makes the X-Ray an obsolete technology within the next few years. It will probably be a while before that happens if it actually does happen.


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