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The Importance of DEXA Scans

A bone densitometer is used to take bone density tests (DEXA scans), which assess the strength of the bones and look for possible fractures that may put a person at risk for osteoporosis. While bone densitometers can also be used for body fat testing, today … Read more

Hologic Bone Densitometer

Hologic Bone Densitometer Video

Hey there. I’m glad to see that you considering Amber’s Bone Densitometers from Hologic. Amber has been refurbishing Bone Densitometers since 1993, so we are more than ready to tackle your Bone Densitometer project.  Questions are normal when making such a large investment. However, you … Read more

What is a Bone Densitometer?

A bone densitometer is a machine that uses X-Rays to measure the density of bone. The bone density test, or dual energy X-Ray absorptiometry (DXA or DEXA scan,) accurately measures how much calcium and minerals are in the bone. The more minerals the patients have … Read more

bone densitometers

Purchasing Refurbished Bone Densitometers

Once you have committed to purchasing bone densitometers or any diagnostic imaging modality you have to decide how you want to approach your purchase.  Often times it’s much better and easier to purchase a refurbished system as opposed to a new system. Yes, a new system will be fresh … Read more

The Right Bone Densitometer

You have made the decision to expand your practice to include a bone densitometer. Now that you have that in mind you need to consider a few things such as: What brand you want. Your space. What you are willing to spend. Will you buy new or … Read more


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