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The Right Bone Densitometer

A refurbished system will have a warranty on parts and labor, and with the right company, it will be refurbished to like new condition

You have made the decision to expand your practice to include a bone densitometer. Now that you have that in mind you need to consider a few things such as:

  • What brand you want.
  • Your space.
  • What you are willing to spend.
  • Will you buy new or refurbished?
  • What are some reviews for your machine?

Getting the right bone densitometer is going to depend very heavily on whom you purchase it from. First you need to consider the dealer’s experience and length of time in the market. An experienced dealer will guide you toward the right brand. Purchasing a system from a manufacturer will not necessarily get you what you want. You need a densitometer that will suit your needs and space availability.

The space you have will determine the type of machine you get. A variation of the Hologic QDR or any GE model will vary in size and that variation may mean a big difference in workflow. What you are willing to spend is also a big deal in getting you the right system.

A brand new system may be extremely cost prohibitive. A refurbished system will function like new, have a warranty on parts and labor, and if you have the right company selling you the system it will be refurbished to like new condition. It’s important that the company selling you the machine explain the pros and cons of the machine.

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It’s vital that you be walked through the reviews of the bone densitometer and find out the following things:

  • Reviews by imaging professionals.
  • Any safety recalls.
  • Negative aspects of the machine.
  • Positive aspects of the machine.

Knowing what some professionals in hospitals, imaging centers, and practices have stated is vital to knowing if what you are choosing is right for you. Safety recalls may be a deterrent if the machine is new; if the machine is refurbished chances are that any issues have already been worked out. It’s important to know if size, functionality, and workflow effect. If any of these issues are negatives it’s important to know, to be able to make the right decision.

If you have any questions about bone densitometers please feel free to give us a call. Our team of experts here at Amber Diagnostics looks forward to answering any questions that you may have. We will aid you in everything from finding the right system to understanding why the system is right for you.


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