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Fluoroscopy and Radiation

Radiation sing

An estimated 4-10 million interventional pain procedures are performed annually in the United States, where at least 50% of those are performed under fluoroscopy. The major purpose of fluoroscopy is for correct needle placement to ensure target specificity and accurate delivery of the injected drug. However, this interventional technique of fluoroscopic guidance does result in … Read more

Growing Market for C-Arm Systems

Growing market for C-arm systems

According to a report conducted by the Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA), minimally invasive procedures along with the evolution of new application areas is fore-casted to drive the growth of mobile C-arm systems. Excluding mini C-arms, the global market for fluoroscopy and mobile C-arm systems was estimated at 9,403 units in 2011, and projected to … Read more

Which Used C-Arm System is Right for Me?

Which Used C-Arm System is Right for Me

Whether you are looking to open up a pain management center, or expanding your services to add surgical procedures, you are going to need a C-Arm system. But, with so many brands and types of C-Arms out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Deciding to purchase a used C-Arm system … Read more

Mobile C-Arm Comparison Chart: OEC Elite 9900 vs. Ziehm Vision

MOBILE C-ARMS COMPARISON CHART: OEC Elite 9900 Vascular vs. Ziehm Vision RFD

MOBILE C-ARMS COMPARISON CHART.Match Up: OEC Elite 9900 Vascular vs. Ziehm Vision RFD C-Arm Model > OEC Elite 9900 Vascular > Ziehm Vision RFD Company GE Healthcare Ziehm Imaging Used for Interventional fluoroscopic imaging Fluoroscopy Noteworthy feature(s) Advanced vascular I.Q. w/MTS, low dose Liquid cooling; 7.5 or 20 kW generator; SmartVascular Dose reduction features Low … Read more

Tips in Maximizing Efficiency for Pain Medicine

pain medicine

Pain management, also known as pain medicine, is a rapidly growing medical specialty intended to help reduce the pain for a wide spectrum of conditions. Statistics estimate that more than 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and a greater awareness of the condition is leading to an increase in demand and performance for pain … Read more


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