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Mobile C-Arm Comparison Chart: OEC Elite 9900 vs. Ziehm Vision

Both the OEC 9900 and Ziehm Vision can serve all your fluoroscopic VASCULAR needs

Match Up: OEC Elite 9900 Vascular vs. Ziehm Vision RFD

C-Arm Model> OEC Elite 9900 Vascular> Ziehm Vision RFD
CompanyGE HealthcareZiehm Imaging
Used forInterventional fluoroscopic imagingFluoroscopy
Noteworthy feature(s)Advanced vascular I.Q. w/MTS, low doseLiquid cooling; 7.5 or 20 kW generator; SmartVascular
Dose reduction featuresLow dose, pulse, laser aimerLow dose & pulsing generator
Maximum output @ 120VAC75 mA @ 120 kVp40 – 120 kV 75/ 200 mA
Maximum output @ 220VAC75 mA @ 120 kVp40 – 120 kV 75/ 200 mA
Heat capacity300,0005,000,000 HU
Cooling, HU/min.85,000100,800
Cooling system/featuresPassive coolingActive liquid cooling
Focal spot size, mm0.3 – 0.6Dual focus: 0.3 / 0.6
Radiographic mode0.3 – 0.60.6
Fluoroscopic mode0.30.3 / 0.6
Tube power rating,
kW @ 100 kVp
1540 – 120 kV
TypeHigh-frequency, 60kHzVarian Monoblock
Power rating, kW@100kVp1540 – 120 kV

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C-Arm Model> OEC Elite 9900 Vascular> Ziehm Vision RFD
kV range50 – 12040 – 120
mA rangeUp to 7575 / 200
mAs rangeUp to 300N/A
Exposure time, sec.0.1 – 4 , automatic
computer control
kV range40 – 12040 – 120
mA0.2 – 107.5kW: 1.5-75; 20kW: 1.5-200
Pulsed fluoroscopyYesYes
Pulses per sec.1,2,4,8,15 / 30 DC1 – 25
ABS controlkVp, mA, camera gainkV, mA, gain, black level,
TV iris, dual histogram multiregion control
Snapshot modeYesYes
Cine30 FPS25 FPS
Diameter, cm (in.)23/15/11 (9/6/4.5) or
31/23/15 (12/9/6)
Amorphous Silicon TFD detector 30cm x 30cm

The Bottom Line: Both the OEC 9900 and Ziehm Vision can serve all your fluoroscopic VASCULAR needs. However, the Vision does offer a higher heat capacity tube along with a higher kW generator. The OEC 9900 offers a 30fps vascular package compared to Ziehm’s 25 fps. The main difference between these two units is the Image Intensifier. The Ziehm system is using a direct digital plate that allows higher resolution and immediate image transfer. Even though this is a great feature that has revolutionized the C-Arm industry. It also adds additional costs for maintenance and service. The plates used can be very expensive and will be difficult to locate on the used market. Pricing for the systems are pretty much the same however x-ray parts seem to be more readily available for the OEC 9900.

Amber Diagnostics has proudly served the healthcare community for over 25 years, offering quality refurbishment and custom warranty plans. If you need more information on the OEC 9900 or Ziehm Vision Vascular C-Arms, please feel free to contact us to learn more.

Posted by:
John (JB) Brant
C-Arm Sales Manager


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