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Mammogram Regulations

It’s important to understand what your state and federal regulations are as far as diagnostic imaging procedures are concerned. An MRI scan, a CT Scan, and an X-Ray are not just performed in any facility. A facility that houses any or all of these machines has to be certified by the … Read more

breast cancer

Rates of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is that one uninvited guest that makes the dinner table an uncomfortable place. With what we know about breast cancer we do our best to avoid it. Through early detection and proper treatment the patient always has a good chance for survival. Women … Read more

digital mammography

A New Low-Cost Digital Mammography System

A new and inexpensive imaging system is being launched by a spin off company of a Canadian research facility specializing in low-cost, next-generation digital mammography machines. What makes this a great development is that it will allow for image quality while not making price a … Read more

A New Mammomat Edition

Breast cancer is a chief concern in the world of diagnostic imaging. Mammography, biopsy, and many other exams are done in order to help keep breast cancer from becoming impossible to handle. The FDA has cleared Siemens’ new system, the MAMMOMAT Inspiration Prime edition, a new … Read more

Which Mammography System is Right?

You have made the decision to provide mammograms as a part of your facilities services. The question that begs to be asked is: What system is right for you? The factors that will play a role in making the right decision include: Location. Site planning. Available space. … Read more

Mammography Reimbursement

A key consideration for physicians engaging in the cost of any diagnostic imaging system is whether or not the amount of procedures and reimbursement is going to justify the expense. The concern comes over the fact that there is a cost prohibitive nature in the machines. From CT scanners, … Read more

Comparing Mammography Systems

Comparing Mammography Systems

Before you make a choice of mammography systems that you want to buy it’s vital to make sure that you have a comparison between systems. One system may be better than another in terms of technical specs. There’s a great possibility that one system may … Read more

Patient Preparation on the Mammogram Front

It’s vital that a patient understand what the preparation that’s required in terms of a mammogram. Often times not being educated on the procedure can be a source of difficulty for the patient. While education falls on the shoulders of the physician ordering the procedure, it’s … Read more


Types of Mammogram

So, you are going to perform a mammogram on a patient. It’s vital that the patient knows what their options are. When a patient goes to get a mammogram the questions asked will be something like this: What will the mammogram do? What will the mammogram reveal? Will I … Read more

Mammogram Images

The mammogram is often times what will determine the level of difficulty in terms of a woman’s battle with breast cancer. Early detection through a timely procedure can mean a positive outcome while detecting a late stage tumor can mean a difficult and possible losing battle. Oftentimes … Read more

Contrast Agents for Mammography

When engaging in a diagnostic imaging procedure it’s vital to understand the procedure in detail. It’s important for the doctor performing the procedure to explain everything to the patient. It’s also vital for the patient to ask every question that they may have in mind. From radiation … Read more


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