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Mammo System Comparison Chart: Hologic Selenia Dimensions vs. Siemens Mammomat Inspiration

DIGITAL SYSTEMS: Hologic Selenia Dimensions vs. Siemens Mammomat Inspiration

Model> Selenia Dimensions 2D/3D> Mammomat Inspiration
CompanyHologic, Inc.Siemens Healthcare
Generator TypeConstant potential, high-frequency inverter typeMicroprocessor-controlled high-frequency generator
kV Range20-49 kV in 1 kV increments23-35 kV in 1 kV increments
mAs Range3-500 mAsNS
mA Range10-200 large focus;
10-50 small focus
Time Range, Sec.Large FS: 0.1-2.5 s;
small FS: 0.1-3.5 s
Large focus: 10 md-4 s;
small focus: 60ms-6 s
AEC Detector2-cell, automatic or manual 7-position photocell placementNS
Parameters ControlledManual, auto-time,
auto-kV, auto-filter
kV and mAs
Type (CCD, aSi, aSe)TFT-based amorphous selenium (aSe) direct-capture technologyAmorphous selenium (aSe)
Spatial Resolution2D: 7.1 lpmm; 3D: 3.5 lpmm> 5.9 lpmm
Matrix, Pixels2,560 x 3,328 and 3,328 x 2,560 at 70 microns2,816 x 3,584 (24 cm x 30 cm
9.5-in. x 12-in.; 2,016 x 2,816
(18 cm x 24 cm 7-in. x 9.5-in.)
Standard Size2,560 x 3,328 and 3,328 x 2,560 at 70 microns18 cm x 24 cm
High-resolution Size2,560 x 3,328 at 70 microns18 cm x 24 cm
Imaging Area18 x 24 cm and 24 x 29 cmNS
Standard Size, cm
(imaging area)
18 x 24 and 24 x 2924 x 30
High-resolution Size, cm
(imaging area)
18 x 2424 x 30 (9.5 x 12 in.)
Additional Features
(space permitting)
Integrated, exclusive high transmission cellular (HTC) grid; Smart paddle system; FAST paddles; automatic collimationNS
WorkstationIncludedIntel Duo Core E 8400 PC, 2.66 GHz, 2 GB RAM, interface cards for the X-ray system, Windows xp operating system, syngo-based applications
Monitor Size, Inches21’’ 3MP medical-grade grayscale LCD display (AWS 8000); 21-in. color LCD standard or optional 2MP or 3MP medical-grade grayscale LCD display (AWS 5000)19’’ TFT color; 18-in. TFT monochrome display; 3MP 21-in. TFT color display; 19-in. TFT color touch-screen display
Hard Disk Capacity1 TB24,700 images on hard disk in 2,816 x 3,58414-bit matrix
Memory6 GB500 GB
Networking Capabilities10 100 1,000 Base-T Ethernet network interfaceStorage of MG, DX, CR, MR, US, CT, NM, SC as SCUSCP; storage commitment SCU; query retrieve SCU SCP; basic print  SCU; modality worklist SCU; MPPSSCU;
verification SCU SCP; DICOM-compliant DVD CD (multisession)
Gray LevelsDisplay grey levels 8-bitNS
DICOM 3.0 CompliantConformantYes
Additional Features OpView 2 image processing
WorkstationSecurView DX diagnostic workstation; advanced workflow manager; SecurView RT workstation; image analysis tools
(ImageChecker CAD and Quantra)
syngo Mammoreport
Monitor Size, InchesHigh-contrast 5 MP LCD display with built-in auto-calibration and 10-bit graphics card or standard dual 5 MP LCD display with 8-bit graphics card and external sensor for calibration2 high-contrast 5 MP monitors; 21-inches
Hard Disk Capacity1.7 TB in RAID 5Minimum 2 x 300 GB SAS; minimum 1 x 1,000 GB SATA II
Memory6 GB high-speed RAM minimumMinimum 8 GB RAM
Networking Capabilities10 100 1,000 Base-T Ethernet network interface100 1,000 Mbitss
TypeNS2 x Quad Core Xeon 2.59 GHz
Gray Levels10-bit grayscale displayNS
DICOM 3.0 CompliantQuery retrieve, print, storage, media export importYES
Additional FeaturesOptions: Custom workflow keypad, advanced multimodality, application synchronization, barcode scanner, DX managerNS
Anode TypeRotating tungstenQuadruple-focus rotating-anode tube (molybdenum tungsten)
Heat Capacity, HU300,000430,000 (800,000 J)
Heat Dissipation Rate,
HU Min.
Target Filter Combinations2D: W Rh, W Ag; 3D: W AlMo Mo; Mo Rh; W Rh
Focal Spot Size, mm0.1 and 0.30.3 and 0.1 (star pattern test); 0.3 and 0.15 (IEC 336)
CollimationAutomatic or user-selectableNS
18 x 24 cmYESAutomatic
24 x 30 cmYES (24 x 29 cm)Automatic
Movement LocksFail-safe electromagnetic locksYES
Rotation, Degrees2D: 195 to -155; biopsy and 3D: 180 to -140180 to -180
Vertical, cm71-142 (27.8-56)85 cm range (65-150 inches)
SID, cm7065 (25.6 in.)
Scale GuideDigital display on both sides of
compression device
Hand SwitchYes, on both sides of the deviceYES
mR Sec. @ 28 kVp> 230NS
L x W, cmIncluded: 203 x 86 (80 x 34)86 x 195
Thickness6 mm tempered glass, 0.5 mm leaded glass equivalent0.5 mm Pb
Compression SystemYes, with lightweight, flexing paddles, automatically shifting paddle positions and auto-sensing paddle identificationNS
Force, Newtons178 N maximum, motorized; 300 N maximum, manualNewtons
Grid Ratio4:1; exclusive HTC gridReciprocating, grid ration 5:, 31 lines cm
BuckySealed; auto-retracting HTC gridNA
Magnification Device2D: carbon fiber platform for
1.5x or 1.8x
1.5; 1.8
Stereotactic DeviceOptionalYes, with digital detector
Film ID SystemIncluded in the print functionNA
Label PrinterNANA
Power RequirementsAWS: 100 120 200 220 230 240 VAC; gantry: 200 209 220 230 240 VAC nominal 10%, 5060 Hz 5% permanently wired;


single-phase gantry

5 kW output
H x W x D, cm (inches)Gantry: 223 (max.) x 66 x 138 (87.8 x 26 x 54.25); acquisition station: 207 x 92.7 x 58.5 (81.5 x 36.5 x 23)1,160 x 660 x 2,350
Weight, kg (lb)Gantry: 400 (882);
AWS: 154 (340)
350 (770)
Warranty1 year parts and labor; 2 year prorated manufacturers warranty on X-ray tubeNA
Optional AccessoriesSecurView DX diagnostic workstation; advanced workflow manager; SecurView RT workstation; Affirm biospy guidance system; extra paddles; needle localization kit, image analysis tools
(ImageChecker CAD and Quantra)

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