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The Importance of MRI Safety

The Importance of MRI safety in the MRI room.

Serious accidents in MRI suites are rare, but that doesn’t mean MRI safety precautions shouldn’t be taken into serious consideration anyway. An article was recently published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology that described how to reduce or eliminate injuries and accidents entirely within the MRI suite. “With careful consideration, control, and … Read more

An MRI Scan: How safe is it really?

MRI scan

Sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers are great places to find experts on radiology. Recently, we answered a question on Quora regarding the safety of MRI. It seems to be a common question that’s asked, and while the easy answer on MRI safety is “relatively safe due to MRI’s lack of radiation”, it’s a bit … Read more

A New Study on Legacy Pacemakers & MRI Scanning

MRI Scanning

A  new study was recently released that states MRI scanning may actually be safe for patients with legacy pacemakers or implantable cardioverter-defibrillators, as long as safety protocol is followed. Previously, these devices weren’t considered MRI-ready.   According to Saman Nazarian, MD, PhD, of University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, in nine out of 2,103 … Read more

The Environmental Benefits of Refurbished Imaging Equipment

The Environmental benefits of refurbished imaging equipment

You know that purchasing refurbished imaging equipment over new is a good investment for your facility. Stretching your budget is never a bad thing, and refurbished equipment is just as safe and effective as brand new. But have you ever thought about the environmental benefits of purchasing refurbished? You should, because they’re quite significant. Refurbished … Read more

Parkinson’s Hallucinations are Linked to Brain Disruptions, According to Functional MRI

Functional MRI

Parkinson’s disease affects the central nervous system, mainly the motor system. The long term degenerative disease causes tremors, memory loss, difficulty walking, and shaking. Some with Parkinson’s even suffer from mild to severe hallucinations, up to 75%. These hallucinations can have a significant impact on the patients well being and cause them to become depressed … Read more


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