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The Environmental Benefits of Refurbished Imaging Equipment

You know that purchasing refurbished imaging equipment over new is a good investment for your facility. Stretching your budget is never a bad thing, and refurbished equipment is just as safe and effective as brand new. But have you ever thought about the environmental benefits of purchasing refurbished? You should, because they’re quite significant. Refurbished radiology and medical imaging equipment are fantastic to choose if you’re environmentally conscious. This is why:



  • By extending the useful life of imaging equipment, from 5-7 to 10-14 years or even more, refurbishment is a form of reuse and waste prevention that contributes to a circular economy.


  • Refurbishment saves the energy and the materials used to produce new equipment. When you consider the energy and materials used in manufacturing, safety testing, and regulatory compliance processes of imaging equipment; from an environmental standpoint it is beneficial to extend the life of imaging machines as long as possible.







  • Approximately 90 percent of material for a system undergoing refurbishment can be re-used. Only 10 percent of material has to be recycled, which is done using environmentally-friendly processes by a network of facilities specializing in reclaiming rare, valuable, and hazardous materials.


  • Extending the life of devices and preserving valuable resources has resulted in CO2 savings of 150,000 tons over the past 10 years.


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For businesses striving to be as eco-friendly as possible, there is really no better option for your medical facility than to purchase refurbished imaging equipment over new. Contact us today to get started!





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