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MRI machine de-install

MRI De Installation

MRI installation requires the coordination of many specialists in various construction and engineering fields While the cost of equipment is important when purchasing an MRI, it is only part of the equation. There are certainly other logistics involved including proper installation and MRI de installation. … Read more

Which MRI Scanner Is Right For My Business

Which MRI Scanner Is Right For My Business?

Buying any capital medical equipment is a big decision, and an even bigger investment With technology constantly evolving, buyers want to make sure they have the latest and greatest. But unlike smart phones and tablets, it’s not always about following the hype when it comes … Read more

Site Planning for a Mobile MRI Machine

Site Planning for a Mobile MRI Machine

Requirements might include support pad, electricity, mobile grounding, telephone and data service, water supply and clearance A Mobile MRI machine intends to provide high system performance standards, comfortable patient handling, professional working environment, and sufficient storage space. Just like site planning for fixed MRIs, proper … Read more

Site Planning for an Open MRI

Site Planning for an Open MRI

Before you purchase an open MRI, think about space and set up. Room configurations require careful planning that can result in delays and extra costs if not done properly. Much like a high-field MRI, a successful implementation for an open MRI requires proper site preparation, … Read more

Site Planning for a Fixed High-Field MRI

Site Planning for a Fixed High-Field MRI

A carefully designed plan can help mitigate delays and extra costs associated with trying to set up your high-field MRI Before you accept that steal of a deal on a high-field MRI scanner, think about room configurations and site inspections. A carefully designed plan by … Read more

Used MRI Buying Tips by Amber Diagnostics

Most Important Tips for Buying a Used MRI

Important facts and tips you can memorize or have at hand when you are ready to purchase an used MRI Of all the information and knowledge you’ve absorbed throughout your years in med school, buying a used MRI was probably not one of them. Fortunately, … Read more


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