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MRI De Installation

While the cost of equipment is important when purchasing an MRI, it is only part of the equation. There are certainly other logistics involved including proper installation and MRI de installation. MRI installation requires the coordination of many qualified specialists, and somewhere along the way, you may find yourself involved with an imperfect installation.

The Right Personnel

The most common source of substandard installations and disasters is that vendors do not know the importance of installations, or are not mindful of the essential needs in imaging projects. A complex imaging project like an MRI installation requires the coordination of many specialists in various construction and engineering fields, but there should also be an individual who understands how the entire project comes together to guarantee they get the job done right.

Remember, there is a big difference between a general contractor who has built a lot of buildings and a general contractor who has built a lot of imaging centers. Be sure your team has specific experience with MRI machines and suites.

Avoiding Mishaps

Even if your relocation project has the proper budget planning, sometimes it’s inevitable to eliminate all the problems that can occur during the course of such complicated imaging projects. Here are a few tips on minimizing your risks:

i.) It is not necessary to purchase your equipment from OEM’s to get quality service. Find experienced planners, contractors, and a vendor with a knowledgeable, well-trained staff.

ii.) Stay on top of the project, and ask questions. Visit the project as often as possible and take the time to get to know your equipment, its history, and performance. Make sure the vendor knows you are monitoring the job. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge of the project, find a local service engineer to inspect it, and report all speculations.

iii.) When purchasing the equipment, establish a contract specifying that the vendor is responsible for every aspect, from de-installation to operational start-up. Have someone involved in oversight that has prior experience with these projects.

iv.) Use the same service vendor for removal and reinstallation. If two different firms perform these services, problems with the installation will often lead to finger-pointing between the de-installers and installers. If you have a single vendor responsible, you can rest assured the vendor is focused on a smooth project that is completed in a timely and professional manner.

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Rigging Costs

Due to the weight of the components in an MRI system, a rigger is hired to unload the magnet and deliver all MRI components. Cost of rigging depends on the weight of the magnet and the ease of moving the magnet to its designated location. (Remember, there are also varying local, state, and national costs depending on your geographic location). The weight of a magnet fluctuates based on each type of system. For example, permanent magnet MRI scanners are generally a bit heavier, and require more care while being moved.

Think about location in terms of where the magnet will be placed. Rigging contractors need to figure out how to move, turn and properly set up magnets based on surroundings (not just floor numbers). For example, while sometimes they may get lucky and easily maneuver the magnet through a spacious, empty parking lot, there may also be a situation where the crane may need to be set up on a busy street.

Each imaging equipment project has its own set of challenges. It is a complicated job with several parties involved. To guard against mishaps is to budget realistically, use experienced people with proven reputations, be willing to pay for quality services, demand accountability and risk sharing, and ask questions. If something does not quite add up, do not ignore it. Attentive planning along with these handy tips will ensure a smooth MRI de installation project.

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Bobby Serros

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