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OEC 9600 vs. OEC 9800 C-Arm

When it comes to the OEC 9800 and the OEC 9600 C-Arms, a lot of buyers might have trouble deciding which one to choose

When it comes to the OEC 9800 and the OEC 9600 C-Arm, a lot of buyers might have trouble deciding which one to choose since the designs are so similar. Upon greater inspection, however, the two machines actually have some key differences that those looking at OEC C-Arm’s should take into account.

First and foremost, the 9600 is an older model than the 9800, produced from 94-99, while the 9800 was produced from 99-2006. This gap in age will offer pros and cons as to be expected. Below is a comparison list of the OEC 9800 and 9600 C-Arm.

– Design wise, the 9800 and 9600 are both the same size, while the monitor size is also the same.

– The new style 9600 C-Arm steering is identical to the 9800. If the 9600 has old style steering, it’s different in a small but crucial way. How different, you ask? A small breakdown for you:

  • Old style steering requires users to steer the machine with fixed handles, using their body weight.
  • New style steering has a rotating handle, which makes it easier to steer the machine with less effort.
  • If your 9600 has old style steering, it can always be upgraded if you wish. (Amber Diagnostics’ skilled team has you covered with this!)

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– Image quality is, obviously, very important to the potential buyer. 9800’s, in this regard, are much clearer and are able to obtain more detailed images than the 9600. Specifically, the OEC 9800 has a 1,000 x 1,000 pixel resolution, while the OEC 9600 has a 512 x 512 resolution.

– The OEC 9800 C-Arm comes with a 15KW high frequency generator, while the 9600 has a bit less power with a 7.5 KW high frequency generator.

– OEC 9800’s have touchscreens, while the 9600’s do not. 9600’s have keyboards and track pads that allow users to navigate instead of with a touch screen. Choosing between these two details depends on personal preference.

– Software wise, the OEC 9800 comes with:

  • General Surgical Package (GSP), Expanded Surgical Package (ESP), ESP 8, Vascular 8/15, Neurovascular, Cardiac

– The software that comes with the 9600 C-Arm:

  • Surgery Package (SP), General Surgical Package, Expanded Surgical Package, VASC 4/8/15, Neurovascular, Cardiac

– The OEC 9800 and OEC 9600 both come with 9” Image Intensifier, 12” Image Intensifier, and the 9” Super C option. However, the 9800 also comes with the motor driven system (MD), which allows the user to electronically control the movement of the “C” on the C-Arm with a joystick.

– When it comes to price, the OEC 9600 will naturally be less than the OEC 9800, due to age and features provided. Around 30-40% less expensive than its newer counterpart, to be exact. These numbers are always fluctuating, so it’s best to contact one of Amber’s skilled C-Arm experts to discuss specifics, which you can do HERE!

Amber Diagnostics has put together a buyer’s guide for C-Arms which you can download here as well.


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