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Breast Cancer and Screening

An erroneous assumption about breast cancer is that it will only occur in women past a certain age It’s always very important to find out if a loved one is at risk for breast cancer. Many times screenings are done for women in certain brackets … Read more

The ER and Imaging Relationship

Concern among radiologists and insurers that imaging may not be providing much value in the emergency department Often times there are variations in the world of emergency diagnostic imaging. The variations were at times attributed to factors related to the physician. The factors that were often … Read more

Healthcare Communication Trends to Expect in 2013

Medical conditions such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s will continue to be a hot topic especially in fighting the diseases 2012 was certainly a memorable year for healthcare, particularly with the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) coming into effect. Though we cannot guarantee what Obamacare holds for the … Read more


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