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Breast Cancer and Screening

It’s always very important to find out if a loved one is at risk for breast cancer. Many times screenings are done for women in certain brackets that may be at risk because of one factor or another. At times the statistics of breast cancer do not take into account the many women that go undiagnosed for lengthy periods due to geographic position and also access to screening. An erroneous assumption about breast cancer is that it will only occur in women past a certain age. Just like breast cancer and propensity to it is not a hereditary situation, it’s also not something that discriminates in terms of age.

Breast cancer and screening

Breast screening that’s tailored toward younger women is finding more cancers. This should not be surprising when you consider a few things:

  1. Younger people tend to fight initial symptoms off a lot more effectively
  2. The progression of a tumor can take a while
  3. Self examination is not something that a younger woman is likely to do
  4. In a younger patient a symptom can be indicative of something else

According to an article published in “A tailored breast cancer screening program for women between the ages of 40 and 49 is not only feasible and affordable, it’s effective for finding asymptomatic, low-stage tumors, according to a study.” So, in proving that there is feasibility and affordability creating a tailored screening program, there are better chances to fight tumors at what could likely be the earliest stage.

According to the article “The optimal age at which women should begin regular screening mammography continues to be debated, and the question is further confounded by mammography’s limitations in imaging dense breast tissue, which tends to be more prevalent in younger women.” The fact is that there are a lot of questions still and they are likely to remain unanswered but this is something that’s key to understand.

The study conducted in order to arrive at these conclusions determined that the lifetime risk for breast cancer is almost 12%. The study conducted employed nearly 2000 women. While population sampling can have wild variants, it’s important to understand that overall there are some 40,000 expected deaths per year. To have about 2000 women participate in a breast cancer study creates a good estimate based on a possible 5% of the victims.

The study employed low dose radiation and while it was a small amount of people, not taking into account other factors, it looks promising in the constant battle against breast cancer.

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