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Siemens Emotion Duo Dual Slice CT Scanner

Siemens Emotion Duo Dual Slice CT Scanner

Siemens Emotion Duo Overview The Siemens Emotion Duo is a 2-slice CT Machine offering subsecond scanning, a comprehensive range of clinical applications, and cost-effectiveness compared to the single-slice through its Lightning UFC dual-detector technology. The Siemens Emotion Duo provides anatomical volumes with thinner slices for excellent reformatted images, higher mAs for improved image quality, and … Read more

Dual Slice GE HiSpeed NX/I CT Scanner

ge hispeed nx-i dual slice

GE HiSpeed NX/I CT Scanner For Sale The used GE HiSpeed NX/I Dual CT scanner is an easy-to-operate wide-bore system equipped with multislice technology to enable real-time beamtracking, HiLight detector, AutomA, Optimum helical pitchs and Bowtie filter features. The GE HiSpeed NX/I Dual CT scanner will allow you to acquire two thin slices simultaneously in … Read more


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