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Siemens Biograph Duo PET/CT

siemens biograph duo pet-ct

Overview Biograph Duos feature Siemens’ well-regarded Lutetium Oxyorthosilicate (LSO) detectors. During the years of the Duo’s manufacture, this detector type was among the best available for PET/CT. Some early Duos feature the more common BGO detectors found in other makes of PET/CT. These are still quality detectors, but the superiority of the LSO caused Siemens … Read more

Siemens Biograph 16 Slice

siemens biograph 16 slice pet-ct

Overview The Siemens biograph™ family integrates the industry’s highest performing CT and PET technology into one flexible, high-powered medical imaging platform, for versatility, high-image quality, and speed. In further expanding the capabilities of the revolutionary PET/CT scanner, Siemens goal iwas to design systems with breathtaking scanning speed, exceptional image quality, unprecedented clinical flexibility, enhanced patient … Read more

Siemens Biograph 6 Slice PET/CT

siemens biograph 6 slice pet-ct

Overview The Biograph 16 is designed for whole-body oncology, neurology and cardiology examinations. The combined PET/CT scanner is intended for use as a clinic, whole-body oncology machine with high-end spiral CT and PET performance. The CT component provides fast attenuation correction for PET studies as well as precise anatomical reference through fused PET and CT … Read more


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