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siemens arcadis avantic full-size c-arm

Siemens Arcadis Avantic Full-Size C-Arm

Arcadis® Avantic is our high-end C-arm with isocentric design and 190º orbital movement.

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siemens arcadis avantic full-size c-arm


The current ARCADIS generation takes you to a completely new level of clinical excellence. From image quality to operability, from versatility to efficiency, the innovative features of ARCADIS Avantic are aimed to set new benchmarks – with outstanding functionalities that make excellent imaging a snap and an overall ergonomic concept that will redefine your clinical workflow in many fields of practice.


Siemens ARCADIS Avantic Full-Size C-Arm gives you the following benefits:

The ARCADIS Avantic features large power reserves with a generator power of 25 kW, high tube currents of up to 250 mA, and high endurance through 2.57 MHU (Mega Heat Units) heat capacity.

  • Powerful performance
  • Precise Imaging with larger field of view
  • Easiest Operation
  • Improved Clinical Workflow
  • Maximum flexibility in data handling
  • Improved Serviceability and comprehensive maintenance options


The Siemens ARCADIS Avantic Full-Size C-Arm provides you with with the following Specification:

POWERPHOS High-Frequency Generator

  • Power Output: 15 kW
  • Max. Pulsed Output: 25 kW
  • Inverter Control Frequency: 15 kHz to 35 kHz
  • kV Range: 40 kV to 125 kV
  • Digital Radiography: up to 250 mA
  • Fluoroscopy: 0.2 mA to 15.2 mA (max. 1000 watts)
  • Power Mode: enables temporary max. output in continuous fluoroscopy
  • Pulsed Fluoroscopy: up to 67 mA
  • Pulse Rate: up to 8 p/s, up to 15 p/s
  • DCM* (Digital Cine Mode): up to 250 mA
  • Minimum Pulse Width: 7 ms
  • Pulse Rate: up to 30 p/s
  • Heat Storage Capacity of POWERPHOS Housing: 1,900,000 J, 2,565,000 HU

Single Tank WIth Dual-Focus Rotating-Anode Tube

  • Focal Spot Nominal Value: 0.3 / 0.5
  • Nominal Voltage: 125 kV
  • Heat Storage Capacity of Anode: 200,000 J, 270,000 HU
  • Optical Anode Angle: 10°
  • Inherent Filtratin: ≥ 2.5 mm Al; 0.1 mm Cu
  • Anode Drive: up to 10,800 RPM

Collimator System

  • Iris Diaphragm: for concentric, radiation-free collimation
  • Semi-Transparent Slot Diaphragm: for symmetric, radiation-free collimation, with unlimited rotation.


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